Finite element methods:

Can learning a  numerical technique such as Finite element methods(FEM) be fun? Currently, there is a large number of texts and lecture series to learn FEM. This the link to the one I felt the best suiting to a person who would want to learn this subject from a mathematical as well as practical perspective. Prof. Gockenbach takes you through the necessary background needed to understand why FEM is not just another numerical method but a mathematically sound generalization of a set of numerical techniques far too extendable.

Book: Amazon-Gockenbach

Link to Prof. Gockebach’s webpage: Prof.Gockenbach

Dynamical systems theory:

Stochastic resonance

Strong anticipation: Link to wiki

Delayed differential equations: Link to an interesting paper


PyDSTool Tutorial

Linear Algebra:

Link to my codes for symbolic MATLAB Code for practical implementation of projection theorem.

Github: Link

The best place to go to learn linear algebra in my opinion:Prof. Gibert strang