I happened to have developed an android application to help us choose when we have multiple options. My description of the app in the playstore is given here. The idea is not to develop a perfect algorithm that uses the answers to say which is the best option for you but understand the way you… Continue reading ChooseRight

Mathematica for machine learning – Learning a map

Mathematica newly introduced machine learning to its kitty. And I was excited to see its capabilities! So I decided to test its RNN begin with (Really RNN!). So here is a simple problem for Mathematica's RNN chain to learn - A simple map 2x Mod 1. You start with a number say 'x' the… Continue reading Mathematica for machine learning – Learning a map

Poem – On the shore

Finally I am on land finding a way would be a breeze to the mountains from here on. Here I find the ferry boat inn written between the windows in white an r sign marked in the glass window exactly as in the secret map. Midhun Practising Creative writing :). Your opinions welcome