I happened to have developed an android application to help us choose when we have multiple options. My description of the app in the playstore is given here.

The idea is not to develop a perfect algorithm that uses the answers to say which is the best option for you but understand the way you answer the questions and infer which is the best option that “you” think is the best in your mind.

“We are faced with millions of options every day (which food to choose, whom to date, etc.) and we need a systematic way to weed out the bad options and choose the right one. ChooseRight application helps you to choose the right one from the many.

My app on google play

Please note, the app is helpful only when you are not very clear which is your “perfect choice”. It could be the movie that you want to watch, tv-series or the food to order. If there are two very good choices for you then either of it might come up as answer depending on the “way” you answer the questions.

The application is still not well tested, the algorithm uses a set of questionnaires to create a mental map and produces a result that specifically suits your needs.

Please test it and let us know your opinion – good or bad. Always will strive to improve.”

Please have a look at the app and let me know if it helps you.

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