Axioms of god?

This is believed to be dinosaur’s footprint millions of years back (natural history museum). Hmm…

Prayers to the almighty god eventually lead me to the following revelations. Axioms of god.

  1. My god is non-testable by any scientific methods.
  2. My god determines randomness, but he can allocate this power to living things (free will)
  3. As god defines all the so-called laws of nature with (2) God knows about everything in future and everything in past.
  4. God stores information and Godself in scientifically non-testable space.

First one doesn’t need any explanation, you try to measure god or try to test his presence you will not be able to find God unless God decides to show you God’s presence. Let me try to give a wrong example to make things more clear. Let us say you toss a coin 10 times, god determines if it is head or tail (this is a wrong example because it’s actually not a random event) each time. In other words, everything God does is a miracle. Every mutation, quantum mechanical stuff (God knows this better I have no clue) is determined by God.

(3) is a result of 2 but I added it as an axiom to make things clearer.

Can one simulate what god does? the answer is no because god only can create true randomness. But approximately what you are doing with pseudo-random numbers is trying to simulate God (of course God interferes with your simulation).

Disclaimer: These axioms are written by a human (me) therefore is subject to errors.

What he advocates?

  1. Kindness unconditionally.

All he says is to be kind, he may make the randomness in your favor, but no guarantee. It’s up to God. No ambiguity in what he advocates, nothing more nothing less.

With these definitions the following questions may arise:

  1. If God determines everything how can he advocate me to do something isn’t it predetermined? Ans: No. He gives you some of his powers to control the randomness at times to control your neurons – you use it wisely.
  2. When do you get this power? Whenever you are faced with a choice.
  3. Its all so confusing to me!? To me too, i am not god. Its just my version of what god told me.
  4. Does scientifically non testable space exist? All our measurements have an error. So yes.
  5. Does it mean god can be everywhere but you wont be able to see? Yes
  6. Then how do you kniw his presence? You pray to him. Are odds in your favour now? Thats god’s presence !

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